LED illumination for instant access to available toilets


Sturdy yet elegant, perfectly suited for high-traffic locations


Maximizing user privacy protection


The refinement of metal for a distinctive design

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KEMMLIT proudly holds the position of the European market leader in washroom partition systems. Our dedicated teams specialize in designing and manufacturing integrated solutions that seamlessly merge cutting-edge production technologies with premium materials and stringent quality control measures. The result is a range of systems that epitomize excellence, all meticulously crafted in Germany to meet the most exacting standards.

At KEMMLIT, our name embodies the hallmark of quality synonymous with ‘Made in Germany’. As the European market leader in washroom partition wall systems, we provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for bespoke interior washroom needs. From initial consultation to shop-drawing planning and utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our team of specialists ensures a seamless and holistic experience for our valued clients.

For decades, we have been delivering exceptional bespoke partition system solutions for public restroom areas, garnering numerous awards and accolades in recent years. With our extensive selection, every customer can discover the perfect system tailored to their project requirements and budget constraints.

From development and production to installation, along with comprehensive support services before, during, and after project completion, our commitment to prioritizing the client remains unwavering.

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Our innovative and adaptable product range meets the most rigorous functional requirements.

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